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Introducing our flagship product AdSuite.

A modular suite of applications that covers end-to-end advertising workflow.

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AdSuite by Audience Platform is a cost-effective and scalable advertising-specific solution that can streamline your billing, AR, and client-facing processes by enabling converged workflows and the introduction of next-generation currencies.

AdSuite is a modular product ecosystem for campaign tracking and management, automated billing, accounts receivables, payments, credit management, performance analysis, and reporting capabilities.

AdSuite can adapt to your media-specific needs and goals. Whether you need a quick, out-of-the-box solution or a fully customized converged workflow;

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"Our digital ad sales were minimal before AdSuite. The solution enabled us to double digital ad sales and reduce OpEx within the first year."
- EVP, Ad Ops, Leading US Cable Network



Modular, Scalable, Cloud-Based Solution Enabling Emerging and Traditional Publisher Workflows

Automated Billing & Reporting

Multi-product invoicing and package generation with business rules-driven automation,  varied delivery channels (email, EDI, print, and mai), with flexible invoicing layouts.

Built to support both today’s digital impression-based and linear spot-based billing and future currencies

Financial Suite

Let's face it; billing is always an afterthought. That's we decided to build a financial management and accounts receivable module specifically designed to address publisher workflows. It works great with leading ERP platforms (e.g., Oracle, SAP, QuickBooks) and supports traditional and digital on a single invoice.

Converged Order & Campaign Tracking 

Track cross-platform order creation across linear and digital, based on advertiser targets and priorities. Get a 360 Overview of your Customer and Agency, track and manage their performance and maintain positive customer engagement


A secure digital gateway for your clients to stay informed and in control of their campaign performance and progress, improving transparency by allowing them to observe campaign performance as well as place new orders. Save them time by delivering all invoices instantly and allowing direct client payments via multiple services. Improve client relationships by direct client-AE communication and targeted offers

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Our implementation team will run a comprehensive discovery on you current processes and provide you with an improved future state, while implementing the out-of-the-box capabilities that enable your end-to-end workflows. 


The inherited extensibility of AdSuite allows us to customize the platform to fit your specific business needs and workflows. This is enabled by the discovery and provides the ability to improve your as-is processes.   


The integrations with your upstream and downstream third-party systems in critical for enabling end-to-end workflows. We have exciting integrations and the platform supports integrating with any modern and legacy systems.


Our onboarding process starts with the discovery and continues throughput the implementation, customization and integration of AdSuite.

Standard part of it is end user training, integration and user acceptance testing and on going technical support.



SFDC Media Integration
Google Ad Manager Integration


Audience Platform is committed to building a team that represents various backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. Our philosophy is simple—hire diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers great work. We do everything to make you feel motivated and supported.


What's New

Audience Platform and Operative are announcing a partnership to deliver a groundbreaking end-to-end advertising solution to support next-generation currencies. The partnership combines Operative's huge market penetration and access to product data combined with Audience Platform's automated converged cross-channel billing/AR and advertiser self-service capabilities to help media companies automate and scale next-gen currency and converged end-to-end workflows.


Typically a highly manual process, with the new partnership, media companies will be able to support advertiser currencies like ROI, attribution, and reach and frequency across channels at a massive scale automatically. The two companies combine to deliver extremely high data fidelity and the confidence needed to deliver, report, and bill based on these new currencies.  

Operative brings cloud-first technology that can leverage the sheer scale of data that media companies need to assemble and deliver against next-gen currencies. Meanwhile, Audience Platform stands out as the industry leader in converged cloud-first billing, invoicing, AR, and self-service tools.


Their expertise lies in seamlessly integrating data from ad servers and trafficking engines, consolidating it, and applying the necessary business rules to establish an end-to-end AR order-to-cash workflow. This comprehensive process ensures the provision of both traditional and electronic invoice outputs that can be readily acted upon for financial purposes. 


The full press release can be found on this link

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