Navigate payments, adjustments, credit management, collections, and ledger effortlessly. The Accounts Receivable dashboard, reports, and self-service empower publishers to take control.

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Unlock the Potential of Digital Profitability

In the dynamic digital landscape, mastering profitability is a constant challenge. Our Financial Suite rises to this challenge, empowering publishers to navigate the intricate terrain of digital and reach extension operations, ensuring outcomes that optimize financial performance. Beyond revenue management and cost optimization, our suite excels in another critical dimension – the precise allocation of cost centers to diverse revenue streams. 

This capability unlocks a new echelon of financial insight, allowing publishers to strategically align costs with revenue, ensuring a nuanced approach to digital profitability. Explore a suite that not only streamlines financial workflows but also unveils the true potential of digital profitability through meticulous cost allocation to varied revenue streams.


Streamlined financial transactions

Experience the ease of financial transactions with Audience Platform's Payments module. Our streamlined system ensures seamless payment processes, from invoicing to receipt. Enhance your financial efficiency with a solution designed to meet the unique demands of the media industry. Simplify your payment workflows and elevate the speed and accuracy of your financial transactions with Payments by Audience Platform.


Flexibility to adapt

Adapt to the dynamic landscape of financial operations with Audience Platform's Adjustments module. Our solution provides the flexibility to make necessary adjustments, ensuring your financial records remain accurate and up-to-date. From correcting errors to accommodating changes, our module empowers you with the tools needed to maintain financial precision. Experience the adaptability you need with Adjustments by Audience Platform.

Credit Management

Mitigating risks

Mitigate financial risks with Audience Platform's Credit Management module. Our solution empowers you to manage credit effectively, ensuring you make informed decisions and minimize potential losses. From setting credit limits to monitoring credit exposure, our module provides the tools needed to navigate the complexities of credit management. Enhance your risk mitigation strategies with Credit Management by Audience Platform.


Efficient revenue recovery

Optimize your revenue recovery processes with Audience Platform's Collections module. Our solution streamlines the collections process, from identifying outstanding payments to facilitating efficient recovery. Improve cash flow and minimize delays with a collections module designed to meet the unique challenges of the media industry. Experience efficient revenue recovery with Collections by Audience Platform.

Bad Debt Management

Minimizing losses

Minimize losses and maintain financial health with Audience Platform's Bad Debt Management module. Our solution empowers you to identify and address bad debts, ensuring you take proactive steps to safeguard your financial stability. From early detection to strategic management, our module provides the tools needed to minimize losses effectively. Safeguard your financial health with Bad Debt Management by Audience Platform.


Transparent financial records

Achieve transparency in your financial records with Audience Platform's Ledger module. Our solution provides a centralized ledger, ensuring a clear and accurate view of your financial transactions. From general entries to detailed records, our module enhances the transparency of your financial operations. Experience clarity and precision with Ledger by Audience Platform.

Statement of Account

Clear and concise financial summaries

Access clear and concise financial summaries with Audience Platform's Statement of Account module. Our solution simplifies complex financial data into easy-to-understand statements, providing a snapshot of your financial health. From balance overviews to transaction details, our module offers clarity in financial reporting. Stay informed with Statement of Account by Audience Platform.

AR Dashboard

Real-time financial health check

Monitor your financial health in real-time with Audience Platform's AR Dashboard module. Our solution provides an intuitive dashboard, offering a comprehensive view of your accounts receivables. From overdue payments to current balances, our module ensures you have the insights needed to make informed financial decisions. Stay in control with AR Dashboard by Audience Platform.


In-depth financial analysis

Gain in-depth insights into your financial performance with Audience Platform's Reports module. Our solution goes beyond standard reporting, offering detailed analyses of your financial data. From trend analysis to forecasting, our module provides the tools needed for strategic financial planning. Make informed decisions with Reports by Audience Platform.

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