For national publishers aiming for broader reach, our solutions provide scalable and efficient ad operations.

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End-to-end solutions

Elevate your national campaigns with Audience Platform's scalable solutions. From campaign reconciliation automation to EDI invoicing automation for both linear and digital platforms.

Scalable Operations

Designed to grow with the expanding scope of national campaigns, our platform offers end-to-end support for both linear and digital platforms. Experience the efficiency of campaign reconciliation and EDI invoicing automation, ensuring a seamless and scalable approach to national ad operations.

Solutions that grow with the scope of national campaigns.
End-to-end support for both linear and digital platforms.
Campaign reconciliation and EDI invoicing automation.
Invoice Reconciliation

Navigate the intricacies of national campaigns with specialized workflows for invoice and payment reconciliation. Audience Platform provides advertiser and agency invoice settlement services, streamlining processes for EDI-only workflows. Achieve precision and efficiency in managing your national campaigns with our dedicated invoice reconciliation solutions.

Specialized workflows for invoice and payment reconciliation.
Advertiser and agency invoice settlement services.
EDI-only workflow for streamlined national ad operations.

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Payments Matching and Reconciliation

Streamline your financial processes with Audience Platform's payments matching and reconciliation solutions for national campaigns. Our efficient processes ensure accurate matching and reconciliation of payments, providing seamless integration to guarantee financial accuracy. Benefit from precise payment tracking, contributing to the success and financial health of your national campaigns.

Efficient processes for matching and reconciling payments.
Seamless integration to ensure financial accuracy.
National campaigns benefit from precise payment tracking.

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