Invoice settlement and contract-driven clearinghouse automation and settlement between publishers, agencies and advertisers.

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Invoice Reconciliation
Bridging Direct and Programmatic Workflows

In the dynamic realm of advertising, where transactions involve multiple stakeholders such as agencies, publishers, and advertisers, achieving financial alignment can be a complex dance. Our Invoice Reconciliation solution at Audience Platform is your partner in bringing coherence to this intricate ecosystem, addressing both direct and programmatic workflows.


For advertisers, clarity in transactions is paramount, whether in direct or programmatic workflows. Our system facilitates reconciliation between the advertiser's purchase orders and the actual deliverables, across direct and programmatic buys ensuring accuracy and transparency.


Addressing the unique challenges faced by publishers, our system automates the reconciliation between publisher deliveries and agency insertion orders in both direct and programmatic scenarios.
This greatly reduces the manual effort, increases payment veolocities and improves client satisfaction by removing  disparities that often arise in the complex landscape of advertising transactions.


Agencies play a pivotal role in both direct and programmatic advertising. Our solution ensures that the invoices agencies receive align seamlessly with the purchase orders they've issued in both scenarios. This streamlines financial workflows and minimizes the need for manual intervention.

Automated Clearinghouse Functionality

Business rules-driven clearinghouse functionality automates reconciliations for both direct and programmatic buys. This ensures that the actual transactions align with purchase orders, minimizing discrepancies between what's invoiced and what's delivered.

How It Works

Automatic Matching:

Leverage our advanced algorithms to automatically match invoices with corresponding purchase orders in both direct and programmatic scenarios, reducing the margin for error and ensuring financial accuracy.

Discrepancy Resolution:

In cases where discrepancies arise, our system provides detailed insights into the mismatches, allowing for quick and efficient resolution in both direct and programmatic workflows.

Customizable Business Rules:

Tailor the reconciliation process to your specific needs with customizable business rules, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for both direct and programmatic advertising.


Transparent financial records.

Minimized Revenue Leakage:
Say goodbye to revenue leakage resulting from discrepancies between what's agreed upon and what's transacted in both direct and programmatic workflows.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency:
Streamlined workflows mean less manual intervention, reducing the burden on your teams and enabling them to focus on strategic tasks in both direct and programmatic scenarios.

Financial Transparency:
Build trust among stakeholders with transparent and accurate financial transactions, fostering stronger and more reliable partnerships, whether in direct or programmatic advertising.

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