Converged billing

Experience precision in billing with our cutting-edge engine, PDF & EDI generators, and comprehensive financial suite. Unleash the power of reports, reconciliation, and client & order management.

Billing Engine

Precision in every transaction.

Our sophisticated billing engine ensures precision in every transaction, seamlessly handling diverse billing models, from impression-based to spot-based.

Eliminate errors, streamline workflows, and enhance financial accuracy with a solution designed to meet the unique demands of the media industry.

Experience billing that goes beyond automation, providing a foundation for financial excellence.

Billing Engine Excellence.

Our sophisticated Billing Engine ensures precision in every transaction. From impression-based to spot-based billing, eliminate errors and enhance financial accuracy.

Experience billing that goes beyond automation, providing a foundation for financial excellence.

How do we create invoices?

By using Client Data, matched against their respective Orders or Order lines for a given period and against the Delivery data, we automate the data adjustments you currently do manually using an algorithm that also applies your predefined business rules.

PDF & EDI Generator

Efficient document generation.

Audience Platform's PDF & EDI Generator. Efficiently creates converged, cross-platform invoices, summaries, statements, and other financial documents tailored to your specific needs.

Our advanced technology ensures not just speed, but precision, in every document produced. Whether it's a detailed PDF report or an EDI invoice, our generator is equipped to meet the highest standards of efficiency.

Simplify your Invoicing  processes and elevate the level of customization and automation with Audience Platform Industry-leading PDF & EDI Generation capabilities.


Actionable insights for informed decisions.

Unlock the full potential of your data with Audience Platform's Reports & Insights module. Gain actionable insights that drive informed decisions and strategic planning. Our intuitive reporting system goes beyond standard analytics, providing a comprehensive view of your financial and campaign delivery landscape.

Seamlessly reconcile transactions, track performance metrics, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. Navigate the complexities of the media landscape with clarity, thanks to Reports & Reconciliation by Audience Platform.

Client & Order Management

Our Client & Order Management module is designed to simplify complexity, providing a centralized hub for streamlined operations. From order creation to delivery, our solution ensures seamless workflows, reducing manual efforts and enhancing overall efficiency.

Empower your teams with tools that simplify processes, foster collaboration, and elevate client satisfaction. Experience the ease of managing clients and orders with Audience Platform's innovative solution.

Revolutionize Your Media Operations