Audience Platform and AdAmp Deliver a One-Stop Solution

Abigale Rice
January 9, 2024
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MIAMI, Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Audience Platform, a leading advertising solution for traditional and digital media publishers, today announced a partnership with AdAmp.TV to bring its full-service AdSuite to small and mid-sized businesses and agencies. This partnership fills a void in the industry by providing a DIY platform that makes it possible for local brands to manage traditional and digital television advertising unlike ever before.

Most ad technology platforms have been built for large, multinational companies that have agencies managing everything from ideation to execution and measurement. But with nearly 30 million SMB businesses in the U.S., this first-of-its-kind partnership between Audience Platform and AdAmp serves an area of the economy that has traditionally not had access to TV inventory: SMBs and local agencies. This joint offering levels the playing field with a self-service platform that helps SMBs reach new audiences with unmatched access to campaign planning and creative services, a portfolio of inventory from leading TV and video publishers, and built-in reporting with full transparency, attribution, and ROI.

"TV advertising is how large brands become recognizable in the market while forcing out smaller, local businesses due to cost and complexity," said Stephen Saper, founder and CEO of AdAmp. "Today we have the technology to help them reach a larger local, regional, and national audience in a way that is financially responsible without having to sacrifice creativity, design, and the message. Couple our solution for advertisers with AudiencePlatform's automated and efficient backend for publishers, and SMBs now have the ability to compete to reach their local customers and grow their brand in their markets unlike ever before."

AdAmp's one-stop advertising platform was created for SMBs and smaller agencies so they can place ads on leading U.S. television and digital platforms. AdAmp makes it possible for these brands to have their business featured on leading streaming and cable networks for as little as $25 per day. This budget goes a long way for local campaigns and is very competitive with social and digital-only platforms. Audience Platform brings its ad operations and monetization solutions together with AdAmp to provide customers with full insight, access and control across their campaign planning, order management, fulfillment and post-campaign solutions such as billing, AR and payments.

"This partnership removes the complexity and additional stress placed on SMBs and agencies that are striving to reach their target audiences across television and digital video publishers," said Peter Krivoshiev, Head of Technology at Audience Platform. "We're thrilled to make our solution available to small businesses through AdAmp and connect them with leading publishers to open new doors for their brand."

About Audience Platform

Audience Platform provides next generation ad operations and monetization solutions services for the world's leading digital-first and traditional media publishers. Audience Platform's AdSuite is a platform of solutions that include cloud-based converged order management, financial suite and in-flight optimization. AdSuite provides next-generation, automated order management, campaign planning, billing and accounts receivables solutions. AdSuite's internal enablement capabilities are brought together via a customizable advertiser portal and provides leading user experience and monetization tools. To learn more visit www.AudiencePlatform.TV.

About AdAmp

AdAmp is revolutionizing access to TV advertising. Businesses of all sizes can now run their own ads on TV, regardless of the budget and size. AdAmp provides access to more than 200 leading TV services including cable, streaming TV, and local broadcast. To learn more visit www.AdAmp.TV.

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