Advertiser and Agency Self Service Operational Excellence

Abigale Rice
December 12, 2023
5 min read

Unlocking Operational Excellence and incremental revenue with Audience Platform's Self-Service Solutions

Client Background: A broadcast client -- a prominent media network, faced challenges in client interactions, campaign planning, and gaining real-time insights. The absence of a self-service portal led to manual processes, affecting client satisfaction and operational efficiency.


  1. Manual Client Interactions: Client relied on traditional methods for client interactions, leading to delays and increased resource utilization.
  2. Lack of Campaign Planning Tools: The absence of an efficient campaign planning system hindered Client's ability to strategize and execute campaigns seamlessly.
  3. Limited Real-Time Insights: Without a centralized portal, Client struggled to provide clients with real-time insights into their campaign performance and progress.

Our Solutions:Audience Platform implemented a robust Self-Service solution tailored to Client's needs.

  1. Intuitive Invoice & Payment Portal: We introduced an easy-to-use portal for clients to access invoices, make payments, and track financial transactions, reducing the need for manual interactions.
  2. Comprehensive Campaign Planning & Insights: Our AdPortal empowered clients with tools for campaign planning and insights. This included real-time analytics, audience demographics, and campaign performance data.
  3. Enhanced In/Post-Flight Reporting: The Self-Service solution incorporated detailed reporting features, allowing clients to monitor and assess campaign performance seamlessly during and after the flight.


  1. Resource Optimization: The intuitive self-service portal reduced the workload on Client's teams, enabling them to focus on more strategic tasks.
  2. Improved Client Satisfaction: The portal's user-friendly features enhanced the overall client experience, providing them with control and insights into their campaigns.
  3. Operational Excellence: The comprehensive Self-Service solution streamlined workflows, improving the overall efficiency of campaign planning, execution, and reporting.

Conclusion:Audience Platform's Self-Service Solutions not only addressed Client's immediate challenges but also positioned them for future growth. The portal not only optimized operational processes but also significantly contributed to improved client satisfaction.

Experience the transformation – Audience Platform's Self-Service Solutions, empowering both media companies and their clients for success.

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Abigale Rice
Content Strategist