Revolutionizing Advertising Accounts Receivables with Audience Platform

John Hastings
December 12, 2023
5 min read

Audience Platform, a trailblazer in converged ad operations, undertook a transformative journey to redefine and streamline Accounts Receivables (AR) for media publishers. This case study delves into how Audience Platform's innovative solutions revolutionized AR processes, providing unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and control.


Media publishers faced formidable challenges in managing AR due to the complex nature of billing in the converged media landscape. Traditional systems lacked the agility to adapt to next-gen currencies, varied revenue streams, and the dynamic demands of advertisers and agencies.


Audience Platform's specialized AR solutions were crafted to address these challenges comprehensively.

  1. Next-Gen Guarantee Workflows: AdSuite, Audience Platform's flagship product, seamlessly integrated next-gen guarantee workflows, ensuring precision in handling guarantees related to Reach, Frequency, ROI, and more.
  2. Customized Data-driven Processes: AR components, tailored specifically for the media industry, offered a customized approach to handling diverse revenue streams. The integration of machine learning (ML) and automation bolstered efficiency.
  3. Unified Billing and Payments: Audience Platform's converged billing expertise played a pivotal role. The system effortlessly handled both linear and digital billing, providing a unified platform for invoice generation, payments, and reconciliation.
  4. Credit Management Reinvented: AR solutions included advanced credit management tools, mitigating risks associated with extended credit to advertisers. The system provided real-time insights into credit health and streamlined the credit approval process.
  5. Efficient Collections and Bad Debt Management: Collections became a streamlined process with Audience Platform's solutions. The system minimized bad debt by implementing proactive measures, ensuring publishers recovered revenue efficiently.


The implementation of Audience Platform's AR solutions resulted in a paradigm shift for media publishers:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: AR processes that once demanded significant manual effort were now automated, reducing the time and resources required for billing and collections.
  2. Financial Accuracy and Transparency: The ML-driven processes ensured accuracy in financial transactions and offered transparent insights into the financial health of publishers.
  3. Cost Savings: Publishers experienced a notable decrease in operational costs related to AR. The automation of workflows reduced the need for manual intervention, optimizing resource allocation.
  4. Improved Cash Flow:The streamlined billing, payments, and collections processes significantly improved cash flow for publishers, reducing the period between invoicing and actual revenue realization.

Audience Platform's AR solutions have not just modernized billing processes but have become a catalyst for financial excellence in the converged media landscape. Media publishers leveraging these solutions have gained a competitive edge by efficiently managing their receivables, fostering growth, and ensuring financial sustainability.

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John Hastings
Product Lead